Since 1988, Castle Craig has initiated and supported varied charitable and community projects including innovations in addiction treatment and research and including - but not limited to - causes that promote recovery from addiction.

Our Projects

Charitable initiatives of Castle Craig Hospital Ltd. and the Castle Craig Foundation include:





  • Free training provided for charity-run treatment centre in Malta (2001).
  • Free training provided to addiction treatment agency Myllyhoitoyhdistys in Finalnd (2009).
  • Bursaries for intern student training placements at Castle Craig Hospital.
  • Training provided to Cape Verdean addiction therapist (2016).


  • Founding and managing Alba House, an addiction treatment unit at Low Moss prison.
  • Addiction training for staff at the State Hospital, Carstairs.


  • Bursaries for inpatient treatment.
  • Free after-care group provided in Glasgow, Lanark, Edinburgh (1990 – 2014)
  • Founded and funding the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Trust, a non-profit organisation (2008)


  • Research into hyperbaric oxygen therapy (2008 – ongoing)
  • Organisation of ICAA conferences
  • EATA
  • Board of IC&RC 


  • Sponsorship of Daily Dose, DS Daily, DB Recovery Resources and Wired In (2000 - ongoing)
  • Provision and distribution of free information leaflets on abstinence to addiction services in the UK (2010)

Mutual Aid

  • Helping to found the Sick Doctors Trust.
  • Sponsoring the establishment of Narcotics Anonymous in Romania (2007, 2008)


  • Annual barbeque and Outing for Disabled (2000 – 2016)
  • Sponsorship of the ‘Malta Camp’ in Wales for disabled youth (2010)


  • Sponsorship of various initiatives in Romania, in support of orphans, flood victims, the Rroma community and others, through the Community Aid Network  (2003 – 2010) 
  • Facilitation and sponsorship of fundraising mailings to assist victims of natural disasters in Haiti (2010), Asia (2004), Syria and others.
  • Sponsorship of documentary film for the Young Malteser Romania camp (2014)